Late Summer Sun

I couldn’t say whether the anonymous
Kite, loose in the storm, had a name.

And is deserving of one now.
And so, like a child

I turned out the light

With a wish.


The field, the wildflowers,

Sniffed out the alone of late summer sun

With a solemn oath.


The world is disappearing. Accordingly, the shadows pay less to get into the fair. I have seen the sidewalk cracks, the cracks in the wind, the wind in the void, the cracks in the cracks.

And the ghosts, they too had names, and this would be our poetry.

8 thoughts on “Late Summer Sun

  1. Bob,
    absolutely oranges as an old friend used to say as in absolutely quenching and wonderful! there are some answers in your words, answers to lift some burdens off our shoulders, at least off mine and i wear plenty around…….a wish for a name of a kite, how original is that! refreshing and the ghosts as we refuse to at least try and postpone extinction. Another beauty this one Bob!

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