Making it Up as We Go Along

Abstract scarf
Spooling the neck

Like the void
Curfewed by a nightingale

A dark peppermint splash

Beauty, eyes, glance, thought

Pummeled by a straight edge
Refusing to be intelligent

A non-negotiable beauty

Somethings are meant to be said
In such a way


Like the light,
The last of it, in a room otherwise
Devoid of light

And darkness,
Cheery like a young cheek, yearned
for the door to be closed

16 thoughts on “Making it Up as We Go Along

  1. As always Bob, mind bending, mind opening word combinations brilliant poem. Great work. I’m drawn over and over to the one about the last of light. I need that one, more and more as I get older. It reminds me of a campfire when there is maybe one or two embers left and no one wants the night to end so we wind up drinking beer and whisky and smoking weed in the dark, but then there’s that light again, the tip of a joint.

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    1. Thanks Steve! I went camping this summer, and I often stayed by the fire as it was going out and watched embers glow (and yes, after smoking a joint)…there is something that takes you out of yourself watching those embers…and like you said, as you get older, you need that at times. I’m really glad you liked this one.

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      1. sorry, it’s taken me so long to reply. getting over a sickness, no big deal, no covid anyway, just body aches, head aches, and mild fever. i’m glad you got to go camping. i always have trouble sleeping in a tent, on the ground, but that’s where booze comes in handy, an effective sleeping pill that booze.


      2. Glad you are feeling better. Sleeping outside is always a bit difficult, and not the best sleep. But is worth it once in a while. I was reading your early posts, some really great stuff! I look forward to reading more.

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      3. Thanks Bob. Always nice to hear of people reading my posts. I guess we would write regardless if there was feedback or not, but it means a lot to reach at least one reader. Thanks again.

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