12 thoughts on “Outskirts of Poetry

  1. that first line Bob had me looking up “a priori” on google. i had never heard it before. what a line!! it’s got me thinking in all kinds of directions. i think vandalism gets a bad rap. i always think of it as creative as opposed to a destruction of property and with that thought in mind, it would mean that we come to a conclusion through our thoughts what is beauty? i don’t know. like i said, it’s got me thinking.

    And random could dance? you bet it can! it will! I’m listening to Tame Impala and now under the full effects of random will play air guitar and dance.

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    1. There’s certainly some terrible, hateful vandalism out there. But I was thinking about when you walk around in an abandoned building, or here we have abandoned grain mills, and there is years, even decades, worth of spray paint everywhere, and broken glass… and that kind of stuff. It just seems joyous in a way. A kind of art to it. Enjoy the randomness of dancing and overall joy of life!!! Thanks Steve!!

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      1. that spray paint and broken glass that you see Bob in the abandoned grain mills reminds me of the abandoned boat house we used to hang out in along lake michigan in milwaukee. it was back in the high school years. we used to sneak beers there and smoke. i didn’t think about people there before me, but now when i go, i feel like i was part of a tradition and you’re right, it’s all about the joyous times, probably some smooching too. we had this one girl in high school i always wanted to kiss. rachel steury. i say her name just in case she’s reading this and she might reconsider. she never gave me the time of day.

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