Simple duets of meaning and unmeaning. Buries us in stars.

The unnerving unbeginning of time. Only to tremble with belief in these lines.

To root for being… and always propelled by becoming.

In a city field, the summer all around me, I begin to recognize

Invisible minuets of insects, as I stand looking down the rail lines.

I send interstellar messages via the paper transistors of an origami radio.

17 thoughts on “Abstract

  1. it picks up for me in the last three lines, Bob: ‘the invisible minuets of insects’ and ‘the paper transistors of origami radio’ : brilliant ; and I go along with you in rooting for being; we all stand for life and vibrancy —

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  2. Let me be self absorbed for a paragraph. It does often seem hopeless for me, stuck in my head, all my insecurities and self absorption and why did she say that to me and why did he do that to me, but when i read the last two lines of this poem, and i’ll repeat them here because you’ve probably already forgotten them, onto the next experience and sensations for a next poem, but your last two lines in this poem, “Invisible minuets of insects, as I stand looking down the rail lines. I send interstellar messages via the paper transistors of an origami radio.” I’m reminded that the odds are against us, but I’ll try anyway tomorrow. I might even brave it and talk to a stranger on the subway.

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    1. Steve, I’m glad you too this from this poem. I’m glad it helps. I’ve recently made an effort to stay on top of my inner monologue.Mine too can be rough. I recently found out that some people don’t have an inner monologue. Must be strange not to have a voice in your head. But I don’t think I have a mind’s eye. I recently heard about that too. I can’t picture anything in my head. For example, if i was asked to picture an apple in my head, I couldn’t. It’s just blank. Maybe that’s why my inner voice runs so rampant? Aphantasia is the inability to visualize. I think that’s what I have. I hope your subway ride was fruitful. As shy as I am, I try to smile and say hello. It helps.

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      1. Thanks Bob. It’s a relief to know someone, that you have similar experiences with regards to that voice in our heads that seldom stops talking. I think you nailed it. We have to stay “on top” of it, to not let it control us especially when it is horribly negative which mine can be at times, usually in the morning after a night of drinking and smoking weed and yet, I do the drink smoke routine again later that same night.

        You got me thinking about this aphantasia. Interesting. I’ve never heard of that before. When I close my eyes and imagine I’m looking at a 1972 Topps Cecil Cooper rookie card, I can see it, so I guess I can visualize or maybe it’s my memory that brings up the image?

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      2. Yes, it’s good to hear someone else has those voices. And I know about the “routine.” And sorry if my reply was a bit out there about a mind’s eye. I tend to ramble. A Cecil Cooper rookie…I wish I had kept all me cards…but over the years they’ve been lost…though I still do have a lot left.

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      3. No worries about your reply rambling. I always look forward to hear what you have to say. Yes, I guess I am lucky that I kept all of my cards though strangely, like a sock that disappears, I can’t find my 1973 Topps Mike Schmidt rookie card. I have no idea what happened to it. Cards like that I keep in hard plastic sleeves in a wood box, but it’s not there. Have a great weekend.

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      4. I hope you don’t mind me commenting on this but `I find that fascinating?! That you don’t feel you have a mind’s eye. I have so many questions. Like do you remember your dreams? Cause that would be your mind’s eye at work. Or memories, do you remember events or faces? Also, your mind’s eye. Which would mean it’s not absent, just that it works differently to others?

        I’ve never heard of aphantasia. But I definitely don’t have it. I find it hard to conceive of not being able to imagine something. Does it bother you, that you feel you can’t?

        I’m sorry for being so inquisitive. You can obviously ignore these questions, it would not offend me at all, just so you know. I’m just curious.


      5. I didn’t hear about it, till about two years ago. So I never really knew that I couldn’t do it. If that makes sense. But I’ve always had a notoriously bad memory. I always was a bad speller. I have a friend who was always a great speller, so I asked, can you see the word in your head? And he said he could. I can’t even close my eyes and see the word cat. I can’t for example, close my eyes and visualize an apple or a bike. They image/memory of my bike kind of pops in for a second, but it’s grainy and not at all detailed. I certainly can’t hold the image in my head. It’s just mostly blank. Why I brought it up, was there are also some people who don’t have in inner voice. Which I have a hard time making sense of, because mine is on overdrive all the time. Maybe to make up for not being able to visualize?? I remember faces and memories, but it’s not the visually orientated. I do dream, but never in color. I first saw it brought up in a youtube video by Braincraft. The term is from the Disney movie Fantasia, a very visual movie…hence aphantasia. It doesn’t bother me at all. Except that I almost failed high school english cause I couldn’t spell.

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      6. That is so interesting! Considering you have such crisp clear images in your poems. Fascinating that you don’t dream in colour. I guess it’s not something you can cultivate either because it’s just that the brain is wired differently. Like people who have synaesthesia, they can’t help seeing sounds as colours or seeing colours as different hues to the way most people do.

        So it makes sense that you have a strong inner voice as other abilities would be more pronounced.

        I’m the opposite, I have a fairly vivid imagination. When I’m reading a book, I imagine the whole thing as I’m going along – so that also must be a totally different experience for you? Your understanding of a story as you read would be perceived differently?

        Thanks for teaching me about aphantasia, I didn’t know about that. And I’ll stop quizzing you now too, ha ha!

        Have a great weekend, Bob 🙂

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  3. This is just great, Bob.

    “The unnerving unbeginning of time.” – it is so unnerving when you think about it!

    “To root for being… and always propelled by becoming.” – absolutely.

    “Invisible minuets of insects” – so lovely. It made me think of the grasshopper in James & the Giant Peach who plays a violin concerto with his legs 🙂

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    1. Thanks Sunra! I remember as a kid almost being terrified cause I kept thinking if you could go back in time infinitely, when did the universe begin? I guess I was thinking about that when I wrote the unnerving line.

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